Friday, November 19, 2010

BMW Concept-C Scooter

BMW Concept-C Scooter
The BMW has revealed the photos of BMW Concept-C Scooter.BMW has come with a new concept scooter i.e., BMW Concept-C Scooter, Which is a big scooter on the platform of two wheeler scooters. Which run on Internal combustion engine.The BMW Concept-C Scooter is boosted with Powerful two-cylinder engine combined with a continuously variable transmission. This is a high displacement Scooter with dynamic handling
characteristics. The high rear section emphasis the light and agility of BMW Concept-C Scooter.The split-face of the scooter is called as C-concept.And the LED-head lamp are
integrated into the face paneling of the BMW Concept-C Scooter. Their are two video cameras fitted at two end of tail which act as a mirror for the rider, it capture rear video and image and displays on LCD-monitor in the Scooter's cockpit. And it also displays the speed of scooter, engine speed and data related to the scooter.BMW Concept-C Scooter is fitted with a Dual twin-Disc-brake at the front, with the two radial calipers, ABS, and a single-Disc-brake at the rear. The BMW Concept-C Scooter highlighted with tyers , because tyers with flanks and thread of blue.

BMW Concept-C Scooter 01

BMW Concept-C Scooter 02

BMW Concept-C Scooter 03

BMW Concept-C Scooter 04

BMW Concept-C Scooter 05

BMW Concept-C Scooter 06

BMW Concept-C Scooter 07

BMW Concept-C Scooter 08

BMW Concept-C Scooter 09

BMW Concept-C Scooter 10

BMW Concept-C Scooter 11


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